Think The Opioid Problem Won't Affect You? It Already Has

People are dying faster and in greater numbers than ever before. Opioid Problem- think it won’t affect you? It already has. It is important that we don’t get used to the numbers. 2016 saw more deaths from drug overdose than those from gun violence or HIV, in large...

Who Would Spend $3 Trillion Without A Goal?

Healthcare delivery in the United States has a huge flaw. We have spent over $3 trillion in a sector that comprises nearly 20% of the economy, and yet we have not agreed upon what we are trying to accomplish. What is the overarching goal? What sub-goals and strategies...

Succeed While Keeping Your Soul

Succeed While Keeping Your Soul

Competing inside or outside your organization doesn't have to be synonymous with crushing the competition. Keep your soul while you succeed. As business leaders, we can do well in multiple venues without eliminating others that are in our approximate same space.In...

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